The Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences in Orihuela at UMH offers two interrelated undergraduate programs in the Casa del Paso Building: Business Administration and Management, and Political Science and Public Management. Our university has extensive experience in these studies, having offered both degrees since the academic year 1999/2000. Additionally, we also offer a Double Degree in Political Science and Public Management and Business Administration, and another in Political Science and Public Management and Law. This range of degrees is complemented by a Dual Track program for degrees in Law and Political Science and Public Management, allowing final-year Law students to pursue Political Science and Public Management studies for an additional two years.

Our faculty members include professionals actively engaged in industries related to the subjects taught, both in businesses and the public sector, along with educators solely dedicated to academic and research activities.

This faculty composition enables students to acquire practical and analytical competencies that enhance their employability. Furthermore, the quality of education is upheld by the faculty-to-student ratio, ensuring personalized attention and comprehensive theoretical and practical training.

Situated in downtown Orihuela, the Faculty combines a culturally rich environment with modern facilities and easy access to transportation networks, facilitating reach from other locations within the Murcia and Alicante provinces.