The Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Orihuela (Alicante) offers two interrelated degree programs: Business Administration and Political Sciences and Public Administration. This Faculty is situated in the centre of the city, and combines an environment rich in culture and traditions with modern installations and a good communications system for easy access. Teaching staff are from 5 departments (Finance and Economics; Psychology; Law; Mathematics and Statistics; Social and Human Sciences). The teaching staff  comprises 48 full time senior lecturers and 41 part time lecturers, it combines two complementary profiles, lecturers who work professionally in the area of the subjects they teach and those who are dedicated to research. This combination within the make-up of the teaching staff means that students can acquire practical and analytical competence, which will contribute to their insertion in the labour market. Besides the professional qualifications of the lecturers, the quality of the teaching is based on the number of students per class which as its limited to 60 places means that the student-teacher reationship is close and fluid. Students also have the opportunity to orient their professional career towards research through different doctorate programs which are organised in the five departments.